Clinical Personal Training

Clinical Personal Training (CPT) combines the benefits of clinical assessment and physiotherapy based treatments with individualised personal training. This unique approach affords the opportunity to clinically assess poor quality movement patterns that may be contributing to pain and injury. Once identified, we design a suitable exercise program for you aimed at improving flexibility, posture and functional strength while at the same time targeting fitness goals such as weight loss, strength and cardiovascular fitness.

CPT offers unique therapeutic benefits enabling you to achieve your health and fitness goals and stay pain and injury free.

  • Consultation: We discuss your previous exercise and injury history, current exercise and nutritional habits, short and long term goals and what you wish to achieve from the program.
  • Clinical Assessment:  We take a look at how you perform functional movements to identify potentially dysfunctional movements that may be predisposing you to injury or contributing to chronic pain and injury. Further tests relevant to you injury history may also be included.
  • Body composition assessments (optional): Skinfolds are taken using professional calipers to evaluate and monitor an individuals composition of body fat (relative to muscle mass) throughout a program.
  • Rehabilitation: Treatment and rehabilitation is determined directly from your clinical assessment. The amount of clinical treatments an individual may receive as part of a program varies and is dependant on the individual.
  • Program design and implementation: We aim to ‘hit the ground running’ and get you moving well, training hard and hitting your targets as quickly as possible.
  • Sessions can include a combination of clinical treatments, gym based rehabilitation, strength and conditioning and outdoor exercise sessions


Consultation: Free

(PT sessions are 60 minutes)                 1 session:                     4 sessions:              8 sessions:             12 sessions:            16 sessions:

1 person:                                                     60.00 euro                  230.00 euro             440.00 euro            630.00 euro            800.00 euro

2 people: (per person)                              40.00 euro                  140.00 euro              260.00 euro           360.00 euro           440.00 euro

Payments can be made in installments (2-3 installments) for packages of 8+ sessions.