Gait Analysis & Running Performance

Running Performance Program 

What is it?

An evidence-based strength and conditioning program designed specifically to improve running performance.  Video gait analysis is used to ensure that the individual’s unique strengths and weaknesses are addressed.

Program includes:

  • Clinical and gym based testing to establish individual needs.
  • Functional movement, flexibility, core strength and reactive strength assessments.
  • Physiotherapy based treatments.
  • Running specific strength and conditioning.
  • Core strength and stability training.
  • Running technique coaching.
  • Personalised home exercise program.
  • Re-assessments (video analysis).
  • Access to online video library via dartfish.

What are the benefits?

  • Improved performance and function.
  • Reduced injury rates.
  • Increased flexibility and strength.
  • Improved core strength and stability.
  • Improved balance and coordination.
  • Improved running economy (requiring less energy to perform more work).
  • Improved movement efficiency
  • Reactive strength development ( increased ability of the muscle-tendon complex to absorb ground reaction forces and utilise elastic energy).
  • Improved landing mechanics (heel strike v’s forefoot strike).
  • Improved power output per stride.
  • Education: Increased knowledge in the science of running biomechanics
  • Education: Develop lifelong skills on how maintain physical performance and reduce injury rates.


Investment:  60.00 euro per session  (60 mins)