Strength & Conditioning


What is Strength & Conditioning?

Strength and conditioning (S&C) is a scientifically based profession focused on the development of physical performance using strength training, aerobic training and a variety of other methods.  We offer focused one on one coaching sessions with a certified strength & conditioning specialist.

S&C programming – How it works:

To start an individual on a program 4 sessions are required initially. To progress on the program top-up packages of 2-3 sessions every 6-12 weeks are necessary. This includes re-assessment, progression to subsequent phases on the program and ongoing monitoring of the program making sure that technique is correct and that targets are consistently being hit.  We have found this system to be the most efficient and cost-effective method for individual clients. 

S&C program includes:

  • An initial consultation to identify client’s needs, injury history, short and long term training goals.
  • Specific assessment based on the sport/individual’s needs analysis. This may include: strength, power, endurance, core strength/stability, energy system capacity, or whichever dominant bio-motor abilities your sport or activity requires.
  • One on one gym based coaching in our purpose built facility.
  • Coaching and education on correct technique on all exercises.
  • Individually designed program in hard copy and digital format.
  • Ongoing re-assessments, program monitoring and feedback.

Who will it benefit?

  • Athletes aiming to maximise physical performance, improve robustness, improve recovery and reduce risk of inury.
  • Anyone wishing to improve strength, increase lean body mass, decrease body fat, decrease metabolic risk factors, improve function in work/recreational activites.
  • Adults with osteoarthritis involved in low-level exercise (eg walkers) who wish to build strength, endurance and reduce pain.
  • Adults suffering with osteoporosis or osteopenia – strength training has been proven to improve bone mineral density.
  • Children/adolescents – Youth strength and conditioning programs have been shown to facilitate weight control, increase bone and connective tissue strength, improve cardiovascular risk profile and improve psychological well being.


Individual S&C session (1 hour)  – 60.00 euro

4 x S&C sessions (1 hour)  + individual program  – special offer 225.00 euro

8 x S&C sessions (1 hour) + individual program  – special offer 400.00 euro