Clinical Personal Training


Personal Training (PT): 

For individuals who wish to reach their personal health and fitness goals whether it be for weight loss, toning, general fitness or training for an event such as a wedding or sports event, or if you just want to get in the shape of your life! We offer high energy, fun filled, explosive exercise sessions combining non-contact boxing training (bag & pad work), gym based strength & conditioning, core stability training and interval training.  Drawing on Tom’s extensive strength/conditioning and boxing experience you can expect PT sessions that pack a puch and deliver world class results.  Exercise to music? we personlise PT sessions by playing client selected music throughout the workout session so be sure to have your playlists ready in advance!

PT sessions can be individual (one-on-one) or small groups (up to four people).

Clinical Personal Training (CPT):

We offer a Clinical Personal Training service for individual’s with controlled medical conditions who have been medically cleared to exercise.  This ranges from people who suffering from conditions such as osteoporosis who need a supervised exercise program focused on strength to improve bone mineral density, to people suffering from conditions such as cancer, diabetes, or neurological conditions such as parkinsons who will benefit greatly from a targeted exercise program.  We work closley with other healthcare providers including chartered physiotherapists and GP’s in the management of these patients.

How it works?

  • Consultation: We discuss your previous exercise and injury history, current exercise and nutritional habits, short and long term goals and what exactly you wish to achieve from the program.
  • Assessment: We only assess what is neccessary as the goal is to get you training asap.  Assessment depends entirely on the individual goals and can include; functional movement screening (FMS), strength assessment, flexibility and cardiovascular assessment. Height and weight are taken at the first session and weight monitored routinely.
  • Body composition assessments: (optional). Skinfolds are taken using professional calipers to evaluate and monitor an individuals composition of body fat (relative to muscle mass) throughout a program.
  • What to expect on the first session? This depends entirely on the individual and their personal goals. If the goal is purely fitness you can expect to hit the ground running so be prepared for a high energy session. In the case of clinical personal training a more gradual approach is taken accounting for medical conditions and periods of in-activity or  de-conditioning.

Personal training is client centered – the goals and needs of each individual are catered for in a supervised and private setting.

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