Gait Analysis & Running Performance


Gait Analysis:

We offer video gait analysis for runners who wish to optimise running technique. Using dartfish state of the art software we can help to identify what type of running style you have, whether your technique is efficient for the type of events you are competing in, and whether you have imbalances or compensatory movements which may be negatively affecting your performance or contributing to injury.

Investment:  85.00 euro

Running performance program:

An evidence-based strength and conditioning program designed specifically to improve running performance.  Video gait analysis is used to ensure that the individual’s unique strengths and weaknesses are addressed.

Program includes:

  • Clinical and gym based testing to establish individual needs.
  • Functional movement, flexibility, core strength and reactive strength assessments.
  • Physiotherapy based treatments.
  • Running specific strength and conditioning.
  • Core strength and stability training.
  • Running technique coaching.
  • Personalised home exercise program.
  • Re-assessments (video analysis).

What are the benefits?

  • Improved performance and function.
  • Reduced injury rates.
  • Improved core strength and stability.
  • Improved coordination and movement efficiency.
  • Improved running economy (requiring less energy to perform more work).
  • Improved power output per stride.
  • Reactive strength development (increased ability of the muscle-tendon complex to absorb ground reaction forces and utilise elastic energy).
  • Improved landing mechanics (heel strike v’s forefoot strike).
  • Education: Increased knowledge in the science of running biomechanics
  • Education: Develop lifelong skills on how maintain physical performance and reduce injury rates.

Investment:  60 euro per one hour session  (See pacakge deals section for special package deals on strength and conditioning)